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Award Filled SEMA Show for BBS

Award Filled SEMA Show for BBS

November 18, 2015

The BBS return to SEMA has so far been filled with awards and a warm welcome from our colleagues in the industry.

BBS entered 6 new products into the SEMA 2015 New products Showcase and was honored with the best new wheel product of the year award. The BBS Motorsport E88 GT road & track wheel was selected ahead of dozens of other entries for the best new product of the year in the wheel category.

BBS also received 3 media awards. The first award was for the classic BBS Super RS wheel in the new 20” size. The additional two awards were for the BBS Motorsport wheel designed and engineered to pay homage to the 1968 McLaren M10B F5000 racecar. With many collectors tracking their classics these days, BBS Motorsport agreed to design and engineer a wheel that maintains the originality of the car while updating the quality and safety of the components.

The activity in the Upper South Hall in booth 30300 was terrific. Strategic placement of ads in SEMA kiosks, floor signs and vehicle placement directed many customers to the BBS booth in the upper south hall. We saw customers from all over the world.

We met with many from South America while our colleagues from Germany and Japan met with visitors from, Australia, England, Spain, France, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. 

Many of our existing customers from around the US & Canada stopped by to visit and meet with the team from BBS. Many came by to meet with BBS team members and to get a review of all the new BBS products. The booth activity featured around the new FI-R, CI-R, SX and the award winning E88 GT wheel.

BBS handed out swag from lanyards and mouse pads and stayed busy throughout all four days of the SEMA show. The BBS 991 GT3 featuring custom royal blue FI-R wheels was strategically placed outside between the Central and South Halls in space number V106 and drew a lot of attention and was featured throughout social media. Our friends from Unplugged Performance also featured the BBS CH-R II on the fully customized Unplugged Performance Tesla P85D located in front of the North Hall. Needless to say BBS’return to SEMA was a great success.

We look forward to SEMA 2016 and hope to see you all there.