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We offer 3 ranges of production processes for OEM and aftermarket customers.


When the goal is ultimate performance, a forged wheel from BBS is the answer…

BBS has been offering forged aluminum wheels in the aftermarket since 1983.  Our special multi-stage Die-Forging process help us create the strongest and most durable wheels possible.  Starting from a billet of 6000 series or even a special 7000 series Dura aluminum, these aircraft quality alloys are forged with up to 18 million pounds of pressure.  Every stage of production is optimized and controlled in-house to help create the best forged wheels in the industry.  We can also produce OEM level forged wheels from magnesium alloy for the most exotic applications.


Our Performance Line is a range of high performance flow formed wheels.  Flow Forming increases the performance level by creating a higher quality rim area than a typical cast wheel.  Many of our Performance Line wheels also have backmilled spokes to remove unnecessary material.  Besides looking great, these higher level technologies allow a reduction in weight (while maintaining the stiffness and durability) that will improve vehicle performance. 

Current BBS aftermarket designs that benefit from the "Flow Forming" process are CI-R, CH, CH-R, and CHRII.  BBS supplies cast flow-formed wheels for many high performance OEM manufacturers including: BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.  Also, some factory racing programs from BMW, Ferrari and Ford have selected a BBS cast flow-formed product specifically for track use.  


The BBS Design Line is our range of low pressure cast wheels.  To produce a quality, long-lasting wheel, it is essential to have a top-quality casting blank. We use the low-pressure aluminum casting technique to manufacture this base for our light alloy wheels. This process gives us a range of high quality wheels with a value based price point and a wide range of applications.