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Race Wheels

Motorsports is the heart of BBS. We build Championship winning wheels for all levels of racing. Please take a look at our current product range.

BBS Motorsport Mono-bloc Race Wheels

BBS Motorsport monobloc wheels are available in single or double spun forged magnesium or forged aluminum configurations as well as cast flow formed aluminum depending on application requirements.

Forging styles include bended spoke or straight spoke designs each available with optional back milling. Net shape forgings are also possible as are cast flow formed manufacturing methods where applicable. Please contact BBS Motorsport directly to determine which is best for your individual needs as each type has unique engineering and production requirements in addition to application coverage. Some popular applications may be on stock though race monoblocs are typically produced on an individual basis.

BBS Motorsport Three-piece Race Wheels

BBS Motorsport three piece wheels encompass diameters of 13" and 15"-19" in modular configurations using cast mag or forged aluminum centers combined with rim halves available in 1/2" increments. By combining the appropriate part number center with commonly stocked rim halves virtually any combination can be accommodated. All use the BBS gasket system for immediate use and field repair.