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Performance is enhanced further when there is a proper balance to all of the upgraded components. Tires, wheels, suspension and brakes must all work together to improve the vehicles potential. Many of today's OES vehicles are equipped with much larger brake systems and many high performance customers looking to further improve vehicle performance will look to the aftermarket for a complete brake system upgrade.

The main challenge with brake system upgrades is confirming what wheels will fit properly over the brakes and provide the proper clearances.

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  • LMR
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BBS is the leader in wheel and brake system fitments and we are committed to provide the best technical support in the industry.

The leader in wheel and brake system fitments

Since 2004, we have allowed users of our on-line application guide to select popular brake systems from Brembo, Dinan, Stoptech and a few other manufacturers.

(If you do not see your vehicles brake system listed in our application guide, you can simply call or email us with your specific details and we can provide a list of BBS wheels that are correct for your vehicle.)

Application Guide

We always consider the needs of brake system upgrades when we design new wheels for the aftermarket.

Our performance minded customers prefer to know that the BBS wheels they are purchasing have the ability to work with the brake system that they currently have, or are planning to purchase at a later time.

High performance brakes need BBS...