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New Product Releases

New Product Releases

June 22, 2018

BBS introduced 3 new products for 2018. The one-piece FS forged wheel and the two-piece forged RI-S wheels from our forging factory are already on the market for sale and doing well. We will soon be releasing the by the new flow formed CC-R from BBS Germany. Here is a little about each new wheel.


With its 12 slender V-style cross spokes, the FS wheel’s radial style design fit in the design elements that BBS knows will provide ultimate performance. The back milled inner windows of each spoke maintain stiffness and rigidity while reducing weight to improve un-sprung weight performance. Depending on offset and size the FS wheel can offer a deep profile. The FS wheel is currently available in 19 applications for 5/112 vehicles. FS brings fearlessness and elegance together in a unique, high-end design that adds further elements to European vehicles.


The RI-S joins the BBS family of forged wheels that are designed and engineered to technological milestones that perfectly combines sporty design and innovative styling and material. The Y-spoke elements are taken from BBS Motorsport race wheels designs that have been associated with winning race teams for decades.

Like models RI-D, RI-A, FI and FI-R this wheel features Y cross spokes with a bold 3D appearance. The extension of the spokes onto the rim makes this large-diameter wheel look even bigger. This model artfully melds the sportiness of the RI series with the luxury look of a 2-piece wheel. The RI-S is currently available in 20” applications for 5/112, 5/114.3 and 5/120 vehicles. The RI-S combines style and performance for the driver looking for both without compromise.



The CC-R is the newest addition to the BBS flow formed range of products. The design elements of the CC-R are based on the stylish 5-split Y-spoke design that is prevalent in BBS Motorsport race wheels found on numerous racecars sporting BBS forged wheels. The CC-R adds another dimension of the Y-spoke design with an additional spoke element that adds to the styling and appeal of this design. The design allows for diamond cutting the face to add an extra styling appeal to the CC-R design. The CC-R will be available in 19 and 20 inch sizes in wide range of applications 5/108, 5/112, 5/114.3 and 5/120 vehicles. The CC-R will be available in Satin Black, Satin Platinum and Graphite w/diamond cut face.

The CC-R combines elegance and performance for the driver seeking either or both.