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Revving Up: The Inaugural BBS Bound Event Takes Braselton by Storm

Revving Up: The Inaugural BBS Bound Event Takes Braselton by Storm

May 23, 2024

In a historic first for BBS, the engines roared to life in Braselton, GA as BBS of America proudly hosted an inaugural car show at our facility. Teaming up with the dynamic crew at Autohaus Social, the BBS team unleashed the adrenaline-fueled extravaganza now known as BBS Bound.

Mother Nature seemed determined to put a damper on our plans, threatening us with ominous thunderstorms and relentless downpours, but the unwavering dedication of the car community prevailed, defying the forecast as enthusiasts from far and wide descended upon our venue.

As the clouds parted and the sun peeked through, it was clear that nothing could dampen our spirits. What was initially intended for 50 cars mushroomed into a spectacle beyond our wildest dreams, with an additional 15+ vehicles crashing the party unannounced, eager to join the celebration.

The scene was electric as BBS dealers like Ehrlich Wheels, Eurofed Automotive, and Buckhead Imports showcased their finest rides, each one a testament to automotive excellence. The group from The Driving Club at Road Atlanta made their presence felt roaring in with the Corvette C8.

With the stage set a for friendly competition, our judges, the esteemed Wheel Price group, meticulously scrutinized each vehicle, dividing them into two categories: BBS-equipped and non-BBS-equipped, with coveted trophies awaiting the champions.


Amidst the celebration of all these fine cars, we had a surprise in store. In a heartfelt gesture of gratitude, we honored Nash Tehrani, the driving force behind Autohaus Social, with a special award, recognizing his invaluable contribution to the success of the event.

From Porsches to head-turning BMWs, from sleek Audis to iconic NSXs, the diversity of the automotive landscape was on full display, a testament to the passion and camaraderie of the Southeastern car community. And who could forget the ingenious E30 BMW wagon turned Sim racer, a crowd favorite that electrified the show with its ingenious setup.

While BBS may have spearheaded the event, the true heroes were Nash and the team at Autohaus Social, whose dedication and tireless efforts ensured that every detail was meticulously executed. We also have to tip our hat to the team at Wheel Price and KoruWorks for their efforts in helping direct the flow of traffic during the event.

As a token of appreciation, our Motorsport team treated the first 50 registrants to an exclusive tour of the BBS Motorsport department, led by none other than Craig Donnelly, president of BBS of America.

As the final engines roared and the raindrops began to fall, it was as if the weather gods themselves had orchestrated the perfect finale to our adrenaline-fueled adventure. And while this year's event may have come to a close, rest assured, this is just the beginning. Armed with the lessons learned and the unwavering support of the car community, we're already gearing up to deliver an even bigger, bolder BBS Bound experience next year.